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Fr Mark Morris held a Rosary and Benediction service to atone for the ‘gross offence’ of Glasgow Pride

The Bishop of Leeds said the report was ‘unacceptable’

Sister Ban Madleen, who fled Islamic State in 2014, was applying to visit her family

The investigation continues into whether the phenomenon is a miracle

The bishop said nun was targeting him after he launched an investigation into whether she was having an affair

The Google ‘doodle’ depicts Belgian priest and astronomer Fr Georges Lemaître

A baptized person who does not proclaim the Gospel is not a good Christian, the Pope added

The document says it is ‘not essential’ that a woman should have ‘kept her body in perfect continence’

The guidelines say it may be possible to admit couples in irregular unions to Holy Communion

New Superior General for SSPX

The surprise election of Fr Davide Pagliarani raises questions over whether the society will reconcile with Rome