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Rupa Huq is planning to table an amendment outlawing protests outside abortion clinics

The cardinal faces a four-week ‘committal hearing’ next year

Their arrival comes after the Institute of Christ the King assumed care of two historic churches in the city

Some say the Pope has reaffirmed traditional teaching, while others believe the correction will be ineffectual

Cardinal Nichols recalled his predecessor’s warm encounters with the Royal family – including a sing-a-long with the Queen Mother

The former pontiff said liturgy had become too centred on man’s ‘activity and creativity’

However, Catalan bishops defended the vote and criticised the actions of Spanish police

He also said he was ‘very open’ to giving Communion to the divorced and remarried

Humanity and Equality in Abortion Reform said a proposed law would even allow sex-selective abortion.

London commuters ran onto the tracks after a man began reciting Bible verses out loud