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Cathedral hosts art exhibition

Art historian Sister Wendy Beckett opens an exhibition of work by Greg Tricker at Gloucester Cathedral

Historic celebration at Minster

Hundreds of Catholics attend an Extraordinary Form Mass in York Minster for the first time since the Reformation

Richard Shaw, former assistant editor of The Catholic Herald, sees his fourth child baptised in Toronto

Teenager excels at design

Talented pupil from South Yorkshire wins a place at the most prestigious fashion and art college in the country

Pupils visit Debdale Water Park for a three-hour canoeing experience

As former Anglicans prepare to be received into the Church for the ordinariate, the St Barnabas Society pledges money for its clergy

The Catholic aid agency issues a hard-hitting statement in the wake of violent conflict in the West African country

Cloistered Augustine nun tells Vatican Radio that the problem is ‘much vaster’ than the clerical abuse crisis and ‘regards all humanity’

Murdered leader is honoured

Members of the British Pakistani Christian Association commemorate the death of murdered Pakistani minister Shahbaz Bhatti

Oxford Oratory parishioners are staging a play in honour of John Paul II