Simon Caldwell

Catholic peer says Britain should do more to help Christians facing ‘campaign of total annihilation’

Doctors will be free to administer lethal injections to dementia patients who have signed advance directives

Family of elderly cancer sufferer are suing the care home for not allowing a doctor to administer a lethal injection on its premises

Cardinal Gracias says he will personally ask the Pope to open the Cause of the 2008 martyrs

Film, called ‘A Call to Battle’, asks Catholic men to ‘fill the breach’ caused by the crisis in the family

Mrs Clinton said that the evidence now shows ISIS’s campaign is one of genocide

A senior official at Lourdes said he is proposing British and Irish pilgrimages as a model for the rest of the world

‘I see that Pakistan is changing,’ Dr Paul Bhatti has said

Patriarch Sako says law shows a ‘total disregard’ for the values of Iraqi civilisation

Lord Alton has said the killing of Christians in Syria is a ‘genocide that dares not speak its name’