Fr Raymond de Souza

The franchise is a tale of love, sacrifice and fatherhood against hate, domination and tyranny

What matters most is the enrichment of the Novus Ordo, which can happen independently of any changes to the Old Rite

Cardinal Sarah uses the term ‘reconciliation’ because moving towards his vision begins with a change of heart

The Church’s enemies are thirsty for blood. A failure of nerve now will be catastrophic for the Catholic future in Australia

Canada’s distinct history is one of religious pluralism, toleration and liberty

Bishop Sapieha became a model for how clergy should live under tyrannical Communism

The Jewish people have endured a long exile from history. They have now returned.

The famous vision of hell underscores the heights of the freedom for which we have been created

The Church owes a significant debt to the order

Scripture scholars had started to read the Bible as if it were simply a classic text. Benedict XVI helped to change that