Mary O'Regan

The priest gained a reputation in his lifetime for the great efficacy of his prayers. This week he even helped me

Her TV network reaches hundreds of millions, but her life began in extreme emotional and material deprivation

It’s easy to feel powerless when a good priest such as Fr Tom Uzhunnalil is abducted, but we can pray to the souls of priests who were imprisoned unfairly

Mother Angelica could be vociferous in defending Our Lord and she sparred with important men of the cloth

Some try to turn women against Our Lord, by arguing that He was in the wrong when He did not wash the feet of women

If St Valentine’s Day is for romance, the Feast of St Joseph could be devoted to love and marriage

We must always have compassion for atheists because they do not know God

Despite the pleas of her mother – and quite a few marriage proposals – Elizabeth refused to abandon her vocation

We must have a dialogue with our conscience and remember to rely on God’s grace