Jonathan Luxmoore

Poland’s independence will be under threat if Poles lose their faith, the country’s bishops warned

‘The Catholic Church will never endorse such ideas, which deceive people into thinking that, by some so-called miracle, manna will fall from heaven’

Recent media reports ‘give the impression cases from decades ago have only just occurred’, a spokeswoman said

Archbishop Hoser described the shrine as ‘Europe’s spiritual lungs’ and said more infrastructure was needed

Anna Kolesarova’s ‘heroic testimony’ is something every Catholic can aspire to, said Archbishop Bernard Bober

African dioceses are increasingly concerned at the number of priests absconding

New Prime Minister intends to remove remains from the Valley of the Fallen this month

Pedro Sánchez has adopted an aggressively secular agenda

Bishops urge emigrant Catholics to integrate more with Church in other countries

Young people are ‘discouraged by policies which are hostile to the family,’ the Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe said