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A Requiem Mass I was at this morning was highly unusual in one respect: there was no panegyric of the dead

He could have provided a philosophic commentary to this week’s party conference

And he could have taught Buddhists a thing or two about respect for animals

It is fatally easy to assume that priests accused of sex abuse are guilty until proven otherwise

The Pope’s visit has reminded us that the two per cent difference in DNA between Orang-utans and humans is vast, unbridgeable and infinite

Behind all the euphoria, another piece of good news: author Leo McKinstry announces his conversion after a spiritual awakening in Venice

The last few days have been stupendous. Here are some of my immediate impressions

At 83, she has seen a great many state occasions in her lifetime

His documentary, Benedict: Trials of a Pope, was even-handed and sincere

Footage of the Hitler Youth, St Peter’s and the Pope holding his head in his hands carries a subliminal message