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A supposed ‘neurosis’ does not explain why so many Catholics have concerns about the present state of affairs

The Anglican philosopher, recently appointed to the Pontifical Academy for Life, has supported abortion up to 18 weeks

Four onetime members of parliament’s pro-life group lost their seats – and other Christian MPs were defeated

The Church was a leading force in the abolition of capital punishment, but some Catholics are endorsing it again

The cardinal said Catholics still stand for the traditional definition of marriage

The Order faces a difficult internal struggle as the proponents of ‘modernisation’ contend with fierce opposition

The reformist German party want sweeping changes. But can they win over the voters?

The 2016 report also said Malteser International’s official policy was ‘inconsistent with Church teaching’

The Catholic University of Louvain has initiated ‘disciplinary proceedings’ against Stéphane Mercier

Campaigners gave a cautious welcome to the news, but said it would not solve the problem of campus censorship, which has affected pro-life societies