Cindy Wooden

Young people should remember they are part of the Church too, the Pope said

The Pope praised the bishops’ decisions as ‘realistic and concrete’

The Pope has ordered him to maintain a life of ‘prayer and penance’

There is no need for hurling empty slogans, the Pope said

Cardinal Farrell said he never heard any allegations against Cardinal McCarrick in the six years he worked with him

It is a ‘theological justification for economic neo-liberalism’, Jesuit journal Civiltà Cattolica said

Mgr Carlo Alberto Capella was recalled from Washington last year

Cardinal-designate Luis Ladaria said female ordination can never be possible

Catholics can receive the indulgence for praying for the good of families

The Pope prayed that the Holy Spirit would ‘blow upon our world the soothing warmth of peace and the refreshing cool of hope’