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‘It grieves me deeply that we must again respond to such acts of terror,’ the head of the US bishops’ conference said.

The Archbishop of Barcelona said he loved the region ‘as well as the Spain and Europe we belong to’

The Supreme Knight congratulated the Trump administration for by-passing the UN

Fr Patrick Desbois has identified more than 600 mass killing sites

‘Paradise is the embrace of God, infinite love, and we enter thanks to Jesus who died on the cross for us,’ said Pope Francis

It is the first time the choir has issued a recording with a female singer

FAQs: What is an exorcism?

Exorcism is one of the most misunderstood rituals in the Catholic Church

It also includes an appendix of prayers ‘against the powers of darkness’ that anyone can pray

At least 54 Catholic radio stations are now threatened with closure

Pope Francis paid tribute to his ‘constant advocacy of dialogue and peace for all the people in the Philippines’