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Navarro-Valls, the first lay journalist to hold the position, overhauled the Vatican press office

Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Atlanta said, ‘We are all in a growth mode. That’s a good thing’

Fr Solanus Casey will become only the second US-born man to be declared ‘blessed’

The study also found only 29 per cent of Catholics said their religion was important to their political thinking

Resist temptation to concentrate on ‘problems, worries, bad news and scandals’, says cardinal

The bishops vowed to fight for the ‘Christian understanding of marriage’

Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, said the situation of Charlie and his parents ‘has meant both pain and hope for all of us’

The women vowed to live in perpetual chastity, but will live ‘in the world’ rather than in a convent

Bishop Peter Shao Zhumin was taken ‘on a trip’ by officials and prevented from assuming diocesan duties

Archbishop John Quinn had called for major reforms to the Curia and College of Cardinals for the sake of Christian unity