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FAQs: What is an exorcism?

Exorcism is one of the most misunderstood rituals in the Catholic Church

It also includes an appendix of prayers ‘against the powers of darkness’ that anyone can pray

At least 54 Catholic radio stations are now threatened with closure

Pope Francis paid tribute to his ‘constant advocacy of dialogue and peace for all the people in the Philippines’

‘I want a church that knows how to enter into people’s conversations, that knows how to dialogue,’ he said

Mgr Carlo Capella was recalled after the US State Department notified the Vatican of possible violations of child pornography laws

Bishop Matthew Kukah accused Western leaders of ‘turning their backs’ in Christianity

The statue will stand at 154 feet (47 m) tall, dwarfing all other religious statues in the country

The Church’s position on the death penalty is one example of how Church teaching is not static, the Pope said

The relics toured the US during the end of September and start of October