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Cardinal issues obligatory prayer as Filipinos face Typhoon Hagupit

Pontiff describes women members of International Theological Commission as ‘strawberries on the cake’

Parish staff discovered overturned pews, toppled furniture and debris in the sanctuary

‘This is a wonderful opportunity to proclaim our faith,’ said Archbishop Filipe de Rosario Ferrao

Kenya’s bishops are holding firm in urging people to avoid receiving a vaccine being administered under a nationwide campaign

The Italian government has held the funds for more than three years

‘Canon Law rules out the exercise of temporal power, and it’s never right for a priest to hold it’, says spokesman

Cardinal Tagle said the Pope’s visit would be a blessing for the poor

Pontiff speaks to 7,000 people participating in the World Congress of Accountants

More than a dozen young mothers in government-run sterilisation camps in central Chhattisgarh state